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Restaurant Chez Claude

Embers & rotisserie

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Our vision

Restaurant Chez Claude

Restaurant Chez Claude

It all began with 4 men from completely different backgrounds who share a passion for cooking.

From this passion is born an idea, which little by little is fleshed out, takes shape, questions itself?
From this idea is born a common project that brings these 4 men together at a beautiful table, a table that offers authentic cuisine, which highlights the very essence of a good meal: the quality of the products.

“La Bonne Cuisine is honest, sincere and simple”

Flavors at all times

Our dishes of the day

Starter/main or main/dessert · € 15
Starter/main/dessert · € 18


from October 19 to 23

Saumon bomlo en gravelax, guacamole d’avocat, citron


La sélection charcuterie et ses crudités


from October 19 to 23

Monday October 19
Suprême de volaille farci aux agarics, tagliolini au beurre
Tuesday October 20
Suprême de volaille farci aux agarics, tagliolini au beurre
Wednesday October 21
Onglet de boeuf ou Burger Maison
Frites fraîches
Thursday October 22
Vol au vent de poisson, petit fleuron, riz pilaf
Friday October 23
Vol au vent de poisson, petit fleuron, riz pilaf


from October 19 to 23

Biscuit roulé au coing, confit de coing, chouchou de noix


Tarte du jour

Our friends

Quality products

Because we are proud to be able to offer you products that we have carefully selected, we have also decided to highlight the people behind these products…

Work group

Our seminar space

To organize your business meetings, training, recruitment interviews or seminars, we provide you with our seminar space.

Our modular rooms are equipped with the most modern equipment, free Wi-Fi and interactive screens to allow you to complete your session in the best possible conditions.

Salle de séminaire

Relaxation and conviviality

Our bar area

In a cozy atmosphere, the bar is the ideal place for a drink. Everything here has been thought of to create a chic atmosphere where one takes pleasure in meeting and lingering.

The bar offers an aperitif menu such as cold meats from here or elsewhere, vegetables, fish, cheese and fruit.

Restaurant Chez Claude