Our vision

Restaurant Chez Claude


It all starts with 4 men from completely different backgrounds who share a passion for cooking.

From this passion arises an idea, which gradually grows, takes shape, questions…
From this idea is born a common project that brings these 4 men together at a beautiful table, a table that offers authentic cuisine, which highlights the very essence of a good meal: the quality of the products.

“Good food is honest, sincere and simple”



Cooking for me is a haven of peace or without LOVE it is not possible to cook.

We transmit by our hands the representative love of the excellence we want to achieve.



For me cooking represents the desire to please, to dream and to share.


For me, cooking is the desire to delight and introduce our guests to new flavors but also from the past.

Make the meal a parenthesis during the day.

Lunch or dinner is comforting ...

In the middle or at the end of the day, this moment must be unique and convivial.

It is my vocation to promote the products and know-how of local producers to our customers, as well as that of our chef Valentin Meyer.



For me, cooking is giving me, offering myself, sharing a sensitivity, respect whether carnal or emotional.

I wanted to create this open kitchen (yes open in all these senses), so that sharing is unique.

Our producers are a key to success.

The craftsman (Valentin & Co).
Life (Raphaël & Co).

The host, who must feel caught by life and the craftsman. No cheating, looks, feeling emotions.

The table brings people together, makes them live and makes them live well. With simplicity.