Dish of the day

Not specified



Duo of melon, candied field tomato,
€ 10.00 / € 15.00
marinated goat's cheese, maxalica ham, rocket and hazelnut pesto
Set of field tomatoes,
€ 9.00
fruit in olive oil, Bodega ham bruschetta
Caesar salad
€ 9.00 / € 13.00
Maison Brück duck foie gras, in ballotine
€ 15.00
chutney of Alsatian mirabelle plums and lemongrass

Our dishes

The fish

Fish and Chips with tartar sauce
€ 17.00

Quebracho grill

Lamb chops from Pays d'Oc, marinated in Espelette pepper
€ 24.00
Angus, raised in Castile, 300 days of maturing, exclusivity, according to arrival
€ 23.00 / € 22.00
Grilled chuck / Flank steak
Holstein prime rib
€ 64.00
for 2 people
Burger of the week
€ 17.00

Spit-roasted (35 min of preparation)

Pork belly raised in the open air, candied and roasted,
€ 19.00
pan-fried chanterelle mushrooms
Cantal pork spare ribs,
€ 23.00 / € 42.00
cooked for 24 hours at low temperature, lacquered with barbecue sauce
Lamb shoulder, rubbed with garlic and savory
€ 54.00
for 2 people

Our accompaniments

You choose

Homemade fries
Homemade spaetzele
Authentic gratin dauphinois
Green salads

Another desire?

Vegetables from the Kochersberg
€ 3.00
Pan-fried Ratatouille vegetables
€ 3.00
Pan-fried chanterelles, garlic and parsley Pan-fried chanterelles, garlic
€ 5.00


Our sauces

Bearnaise sauce
Shallot sauce
Kâmpôt Pepper Sauce
Choron sauce

With your meal

Our drinks

Our restaurant offers a wide choice of soft or alcoholic drinks to accompany your dishes. Our team guides you to perfectly match your drink to your dish.

A sweet touch

The desserts

Vacherin Minute,
€ 8.00
mirabelle plum/verbena, Mirabelle water
Pineapple at the rotisserie, streusel and mascarpone
€ 8.00
Chocolate cake, raspberry and red fruits
€ 9.00
Belle hélène pear
€ 9.00
Liège coffee
€ 7.00
Sorbet with alcohol drizzle
€ 9.00

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