Dish of the day

Monday, August 10


Salade verte du Kochersberg, cromesquis de tête de veau


La sélection charcuterie et ses crudités


Quasi de veau rhônalpin, gremolata, concassée de tomates de chez Marthe, pommes de terre nouvelles


Quetsches poêlées, mascarpone crémeux et glace à la vanille bourbon


Tarte du jour



Hazelnut crust
€ 12.00
by E. Westermann, vegetable pickles
Perfect farm egg cooked at 63°C
€ 12.00
Jerusalem artichokes, white truffle cream
Agaric mushroom cream, beef marrow and croutons
€ 9.00
Caesar salad
€ 9.00 / € 13.00
Maison Brück duck foie gras, in ballotine
€ 21.00
Quince confit, toasted brioche bread

Our dishes

The fish

Small boat fish
€ 26.00
Parsnip purée, roasted ancient vegetables, toast
Fish and Chips with tartar sauce
€ 17.00


Lamb chops from Pays d'Oc, marinated in Espelette pepper
€ 24.00
Angus, raised in Castile, 300 days of maturing, exclusivity, according to arrival
€ 23.00 / € 22.00
Chicken rack / bib
Holstein prime rib
€ 64.00
for 2 people
Entrecote Herdshire
€ 25.00
Traditional mountain tomme burger
€ 17.00


Beautiful Alsace poultry roasted with lemon thyme
€ 32.00 / € 64.00
Half / whole
Pig breast raised outdoors, candied and roasted, pan-fried mushrooms
€ 18.00
Shoulder of lamb or leg of milk, rubbed with garlic and savory
€ 54.00
for 2 people
Whole kidney in juniper fat
€ 18.00

Our accompaniments

You choose

Fresh fries
Marabel mashed potatoes
Isigny cream pasta gratin
Alain's green salads

Another desire?

Kochersberg Martha's vegetables
€ 3.00
Fried seasonal mushrooms
€ 6.00


Our sauces

Bearnaise sauce
Shallot sauce
Kâmpôt Pepper Sauce
Bercy sauce

With your meal

Our drinks

Our restaurant offers a wide choice of soft or alcoholic drinks to accompany your dishes. Our team guides you to perfectly match your drink to your dish.

A sweet touch

The desserts

Baba Biersky, Bourbon vanilla mascarpone cream
€ 7.00
Vacherin Minute, quince/brown
€ 7.00
Pineapple at the rotisserie, streusel and mascarpone
€ 8.00
Oriental fresh fruit, orange sorbet
€ 7.00
Ma dame blanche, Madagascan vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce
€ 7.00
Sprinkled sorbet
€ 9.00

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